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Teaching Resources for South African teachers

Teaching Resources for South African teachers

Providing access to quality teaching resources for South African Teachers

In less than two months, Teacha – the online marketplace for South African teacher resources – has shown immense growth. It now has more than 8 teachers selling almost 100 products – and the first set of commission have already been paid out.

If you are a teacher and you are not yet 100% sure about Teacha, read the following reasons why joining the Teacha family will be beneficial to you and others.

Make Money
Let’s face it. Teachers in South Africa are underpaid and overworked. Why not make the most of those extra hours put in making extra worksheets, lesson plans, PowerPoints, exam papers, assessments and notes? By uploading resources to Teacha, you will earn a passive income from the hard work you have done!

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Be Reviewed
The resources uploaded on Teacha are open for reviews. This means that teachers who downloaded the product can rate the product and also give a review of how helpful the resources were to them. This gives the vendor the opportunity to adjust and improve their resources in future. Other teachers who might be interested in buying the product will also be assured that they are receiving a quality teaching resource.

Homeschoolers and parents rejoice!
Many South African learners are home schooled. Parents who homeschool (or even parents who want to assist their children at home) now also have access to many products that they might need in order to educate their children. Instead of having to spend hours creating worksheets, games, word lists, PowerPoints, remedial help and other resources, parents can now download quality teaching resources in a matter of minutes!

Providing free teaching resources for South African teachers
Of course, Teacha gives away tons of free products. We strongly encourage teachers to share their products, even if it means that they do this for free. Many teachers in South Africa would not trust online products they can’t test before hand. By providing examples of work and other free products, not only are teachers helping to improve teaching in other classrooms but also gives teachers the opportunity to test and in turn trust the vendors.

Teachers Unite! Share your resources with other South African teachers today.

There is also a lack of teaching resources in languages other than English. Since South Africa has so many different languages of teaching and learning, Teacha is the perfect platform to share resources in other languages. For now resources are only in English and Afrikaans but we hope to have more African language speaking teachers on board in the near future!

Teacher’s knowledge is invaluable
As teachers we become masters of our fields. Think back to your first few years of teaching. Don’t you wish you had more support and extra resources that could guide you into the right direction without struggling for months to get some concepts right? Some teachers have no support systems in schools. Many heads of departments simply does not have the time to adequately monitor and mentor young or struggling teachers. Providing quality resources to these teachers might not turn them into great teachers overnight, but will certainly help them to improve.

It is time to set up your teacher store on Teacha, it is easier than ever before, sign up now!

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  1. I am very interested. Currently teaching grade 5.


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